Digital Boardroom of Smart Agriculture and Fishery

AI technology helps the transformation of agriculture and fishery

Reduce labor power for field inspections and detect abnormalities in crucial equipment and breeding data instantly.

By using the mobile device, we can know the operating status of each device, and also set the warning value, such as knowing the operating status of the blower to ensure that the dissolved oxygen in the water is sufficient. The current on-site information, as well as past alarm data and historical data can be learned through the digital boardroom in the office, so that agricultural and fishery users can concentrate on business promotion.

Full-time monitoring, alarm notification

Monitor the details/data of environmental parameters at any time and adjust immediately if there is any abnormality. No longer need to rely on intuition and experience.

Customized settings

The equipment is highly scalable and can be flexibly expanded according to customer breeding needs and budget.

Breeding model establishment

Digitization of farming experience helps users to build models for the most suitable farming environment.

Digitization of traceability

Accumulate data, establish traceability to optimize breeding parameters, and practice digital management

Smart fishery monitoring, creating infinite possibilities

Reduce the company's labor costs and human mistakes:
Import smart AIoT detection equipment, install the sensors in each breeding pond, monitor the water temperature, pH value, dissolved oxygen, feed addition status, fish and shrimp growth status, and instantly understand the data in the breeding pond, upload it to the cloud, and set the normal parameter range, without patrol and supervise in person constantly.

Reduce the probability of loss:
In case of special situations, fishermen can also be notified immediately through the abnormal warning system.

Agricultural and Fishery –Tradition and Smart Comparison

High Density Shrimp Farm in Tainan
Import cloud system

Control costs at any time

Integrate production data, like water quality, electricity, etc., to the database, and record all costs during the breeding period, such as water, electricity, feed, etc., as a standard for calculate all cost items consumed by the farmed products to control the cost.

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