Audio-Visual Streaming Service


Chunghwa Telecom's MOD (Multimedia on Demand) service is responding to the evolution of communication technology and user viewing behavior. As part of their plan, they aim to provide Netflix platform service and integrate it into their existing IPTV video service platform.
We have customized the integration of the MOD STB (set-top box) with the Netflix application service. This integration seamlessly combines the user's IPTV STB with OTT (over-the-top) functionality, allowing users to access the new generation of video streaming services without the need to purchase an additional OTT. MOD users can conveniently enjoy Netflix's video content without altering their usage habits or adding extra devices.
Additionally, we have successfully integrated a Bluetooth voice remote control by utilizing the built-in Bluetooth interface in the existing set-top boxes. This integration combines the Bluetooth voice remote control with MOD's voice assistant functionality. In addition, to provide a more convenient control service, this integration can leverage intelligent semantic analysis mechanisms to offer a range of value-added services for a more personalized and enriched user experience.

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The TV set-top box of audio-visual streaming service has flexible expansion capabilities and can import corresponding services according to the changes in customer usage habits.


In response to changes in user using habits, IPTV STB and OTT applications are integrated to effectively reduce customer equipment costs and quickly import new services in existing environments, reducing maintenance and operation costs.

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