VUZIX M400/M4000 Smart Glasses


Wearing form

Various wearing sets such as headwear, helmet, goggles, lensless frame, peaked cap, etc., with slide rail design allows you to deploy it as you like.

Multi-axis adjustable

It is convenient for the wearer to adjust the position and angle between the eyes and the monitor.


Support non-stop hot-swapping. Changing battery will no longer need to worry about data loss, and contact with partners.

High Quality

12.8-megapixel auto-focus lenses, while supporting 4K 30fps video recording.

Human-machine Interaction

Various ways of interaction, such as computer terminal projection operation, mobile phone app, bluetooth, language, touchpad, guide button, etc.


Open software SDK interface, the amount of software in the official app store reach up to 160+, and is still increasing; it supports multi-device application installation management and support Wi-Fi downloading

Do you need to work outdoors?

Recommend Vuzix M400 smart glasses

The M400 has a high-definition lens up to 1280p, allowing you to see clearly even in outdoors environment! Compared with M4000, it is more suitable for outdoor environment because the OLED full-color display screen of the M400 is located inside the device, which is equivalent to a headset display, and the optical waveguide lens equipped with the M4000 occasionally causes the picture to be unclear due to light refraction. In addition, the M400 smart glasses have a safe drop distance of 2 meters, so even when doing network fiber optic repairs, engineering construction, or product selection at high places, it has its tolerance.

Do you need panoramic view?

Recommend Vuzix M4000 smart glasses

The M4000 adopts Vuzix's most innovative optical waveguide lens, which allows M4000 to be used with frameless glasses, and achieve panoramic view without any limitation on the viewing angle. At the same time, M4000 has an ultra-bright up to 5000 nits and resolution 854 x 480, with the viewing angle of the waveguide lens of 28 degrees (FOV), which is the industry's highest record. Not to mention, Vuzix smart glasses already passed IEC 60601-1-2 : 2014 standard electromagnetic compatibility, so it can utilize in medical field, factory inspection, or precision manufacturing.


Quality acceptance of precision assembly

Factory maintenance and inspection

Warehouse logistics


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