Smart Manufacturing Solution

Digital Boardroom Create data visualization management

Integrate factory equipment data, and display machine operation status instantly through the factory monitoring panel. By installing an APP on the mobile device, the boss can keep abreast of the factory situation at any time, without having to be in the factory all day.

Accommodate data visualization management demands

Quickly grasp the operation status on-site, improve and strengthen the management ability of manufacturing process.

Production Line Instant Management Panel

Equipment Availability Management

Production Statistics Chart Management/ Data Download

Device Control and Settings

Personnel Management

Instant Announcement Board Management

Success case of Smart Manufacturing Solution

Metal Fastener Industry

Pain points:
With small amount and diverse product, inability to plan material inputs perfectly, will result in frequent material waste or underproduction.

Implement benefits:
Material weight control.
Real-time grasp of on-site production progress.
Significantly reduce manual work.
Reduce human error and time lag.

Foundry Industry

Pain points:
The formula, furnace temperature control and process parameters are difficult to inherit.

Implement benefits:
Collect recipes instantly High temperature kiln Reduce human mistake

Rubber Industry

Pain points:
There are many international orders, which causes the factory personnel busy issuing orders and grasping production cost. Manual calculation of production output is easily inaccurate.

Implement benefits:
Solve the cost of excess production and time difference.

Glass Industry

Pain points:
The product items are small amount and diverse, and the furnace control of the high-temperature process needs to rely on the recipe of the master. The furnace temperature control and process parameters are relied on paper records only.

Implement benefits:
Recipe collection. High temperature furnace temperature monitoring to help reduce manual mistakes. Digitalization replaces paperwork.

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