AR Solution

Innovative business application services enhance enterprise collaboration efficiency

Cross-domain series connection, vertical integration of software and hardware, combined with near eye display technology and 5G high-speed networking functions, allowing users to obtain real-time and clear images. With virtual and real superimposed display effects, interconnection and interaction, an excellent user experience is created, as being there in person.

Emerging Technologies, New Horizon

Market leading optical technology
Si-OLED micro projection technology
120-inch large screen, immersive experience

High-quality head-up display
With a variety of head-mounted accessories
Hands-free easy operation

Provide software development kit
Extensible application development
Save deployment time and resources

Can be connected to different system platforms
Cooperate with software support and system security requirements

Real-time transmission of first-person perspective images
Remote expert for solving problems

Create customized services for customer
Innovative business application services

VUZIX AR smart glasses

High-resolution, Lightweight, More powerful

VUZIX M400/M4000 smart glasses

Industrial Innovation Application

Smart Healthcare

Smart Manufacturing

Application Benefits

Improves efficiency

Overcome time and space constraints

Reduce errors and losses

Increase the interest of teaching

Simplify work processes

Provide differentiated services

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