AI road inspection

AI assisted road identification

Repair road damage instantly to improve road safety.

At present, the county and city governments are actively promoting road leveling. High-frequency inspections can help solve road problems immediately. Therefore, through a complete inspection management mechanism, it is helpful to repair road defects in a timely manner, ensure road service quality and driving safety, and improve governance satisfaction.

Solve the problems of the large area road that need inspection, which will cause time-consuming labor, and visual mistake

AI automatic identification reduces inspection risk and improves inspection efficiency

The cloud platform shows road conditions according to queries, making construction schedule planning more convenient

Road inspection information is digitalized and the report is automatically generated to improve administrative efficiency

Respond to the flaws of roads, improving road users’ satisfaction

AI system application function

AI road inspection application service

Cloud platform query system

Electronic map intuitive query

Analysis information of road condition, damage records, and locations

Instant notification and dispatch function

Features and Benefits of AI Applications

Technology road inspection

Road inspection be “technological”

AI artificial intelligence visual recognition system allows technology to automatically identify road damage and improve the efficiency and accuracy of road inspections

AI automatics determine of road defects

Information of defective geographical be “Smart”

Combine the AI automatic determine of road defects and GIS geographic map information. After collecting image, store relevant information in the database, for subsequent development of automated statistical analysis reports and departmental resource sharing

Instant notification and timely dispatch

Road maintenance be “Efficiency”

Use network technology, to receive image and verify the location, type and size of the road defect. Then immediately notify the maintenance units of each road section to dispatch workers and perform maintenance to maintain the safety of road.

Digitization of inspection results

Inspection result data “Digitalization”

The results of vehicle inspections are intelligently determined by AI. The inspection route track is stored digitally, making personnel inquiries more convenient

Road Pavement Quality Index

Road information be “Indicatorization”

Through the collection of road data, refer to the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), establish road pavement quality indicators experimentally

AI road inspection

Success Case

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The actual screen of AI road inspection

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The cloud platform of AI road inspection

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