CHT Second-Generation Customer Service Platform Switch Implementation


Northern and southern client terminals’ operation centers connects to the respective customer service platform in the north and south, enabling energy-saving, centralized control, and unified maintenance.


The communication customer service platform is built on a fully IP-based architecture.


The system architecture allows deployment in a single system with two centers, and administrators can perform system maintenance and configuration from a single center.


The system supports simultaneous inbound calls from both locations, with unified call distribution and remote automatic backup capabilities.


Fault tolerance and redundancy features are provided for the device components responsible for call processing.


In the event of a single device malfunction, the system automatically switches to the backup device and resumes operation.


When the northern data center is unable to provide services due to various reasons or experiences an external network interruption, the southern data center will provide automatic backup to ensure the continuous operation of core functions such as the customer service platform. Alternatively, through manual adjustment of system settings, the southern data center can provide all platform functions, including automatic backup functionality, and meet performance requirements, even when external lines are fully occupied.

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