Audio-Visual Streaming Service

Service purposes

Assist customers with audio-visual streaming service needs, and provide comprehensive professional integration services such as planning, construction, integration, customization, and maintenance according to their current situation and needs.

We can help you


According to customer needs, we provide a full range of one-stop services including planning, construction, integration, customization, and maintenance.


Modularization, cloudification, and virtualization, effectively reduce construction, maintenance, operation, and management costs.


Support various types of terminal equipment service interfaces to meet the usage habits of different user groups.


A complete background management system provides the management, reporting, and monitoring systems required for operation and maintenance.


Complete interface, providing service interface customization and customer BSS system integration needs.


According to different types of operators such as IPTV, OTT, Cable, etc., provide corresponding network and audio-visual platform planning, construction and maintenance services.

Success Case

Chunghwa Telecom MOD streaming service
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